Steel Fabrication & Erection

Aristeo designs, details, fabricates, coats, delivers, and erects multiple varieties of steel.

Supporting Client Projects with Steel Fabrication & Erection

Aristeo is a full service fabricator and erector of structural and miscellaneous steel. We also ship our fabricated steel to job sites for erection throughout North America. Each and every steel fabrication and erection project is delivered in a safe and timely manner, all while providing the best value for our clients.

With Aristeo’s steel team, you not only receive the benefit of highly qualified and certified welders, but you also receive the same high quality standards and decades of project management experience that Aristeo is known for.

Aristeo Steel Fast Facts:

  • American Welding Society Certified Welders
  • Member of American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
  • Steel Fabrication Facilities Totaling 47,000 SF
  • 6000 Tons Fabricated Annually
  • Over 100,000 Fabrication Hours Annually
  • Over 100,000 Erection Hours Annually
  • Over 200 Steel Erection Projects in Over 16 Different States

Finished Products Include:

  • Structural Steel (columns, girts, trusses, grillage steel, purlins, building additions/renovations, header steel, and mezzanines)
  • Embedded Steel (anchor bolts, curb angles, trenches, drain decks, guard posts, sumps, and truck dock steel)
  • Miscellaneous Steel (stairs, handrail, guardrail, cat walks, ladders, roof frames, cross overs, platforms, tool rails, tanks, header steel, hangers, door frames, grating, screed guard, etc.)
  • Specialty Fabrication (stainless steel, conveyors, data center modules, foundries, architecturally exposed steel, robot frames, pipe trestles, flumes, press pit steel, canopies, and unique/custom structures)