Concrete Services

Aristeo Construction places and finishes a variety of concrete including, foundations, flatwork, walls, and piers with the most advanced, state of the art equipment.

Comprehensive & Precise Manufacturing, Power, & Industrial Concrete Services

Aristeo leads the industry with high quality and precise concrete construction services for the manufacturing, power, industrial, and higher education markets. Our heritage as a concrete contractor, combined our expertise as a general contractor, provides us with the know-how to tackle a wide variety of concrete projects, including super flat floors, building foundations and walls, truck docks, wind turbine foundations, press pits, equipment foundations, utility tunnels, and more.

Aristeo has the expertise to safely build your concrete project to your exact specifications, within the tight tolerances you require. In addition, Aristeo’s highly skilled, self perform workforce is backed by hundreds of privately owned, state-of-the-art machines, including concrete pump trucks, automated laser screeds, and topping spreaders.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Concrete Pits
  • Coolant/Press Pits
  • Facility and Process Equipment Foundations
  • Wind Turbine Foundations
  • Utility Tunnels & Trenches
  • Specialty Floors
  • Laser Leveled Super Flat Floors / Concrete Floor Slabs

Concrete/Civil Services:

  • Excavation/Earth Retention Systems
  • Concrete Formwork Design and Installation
  • Reinforcing Steel Installation
  • Structural Concrete Placement
  • Slab Removal and Replacement
  • Flat Work and Concrete Finishing