Preconstruction Services

Planning For Every Possibility

Before a project begins, Aristeo takes the time to carefully plan each detail, coordinating with stakeholders early on and developing a complete strategy for the project’s execution. This preconstruction phase saves our clients time and money. Aristeo’s preconstruction services include budgeting, scheduling, constructability and risk analysis, value analysis, logistics planning, and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

What sets Aristeo apart is the dedication our team has to finding additional value for our clients. We pride ourselves on analyzing every detail to improve the project, either through additional features or potential savings in the schedule or budget. With thorough planning and analysis, we ensure that our client’s project is completed as quickly and cost effectively as possible, while maintaining our high quality standards.

Aristeo's Preconstruction Services Overview

Aristeo's preconstruction services include budgeting, scheduling, constructability & risk analysis, value analysis, and logistics planning.

Using BIM & 3D Design in Preconstruction

Planning and developing projects using Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows Aristeo to quickly determine the budget feasibility, schedule feasibility, and constructability of a project with comprehensive 3D modeling. With BIM, project planning goes further than just architectural and structural modeling. Aristeo can assist with detailed project reviews, making it easy to review and update schedules, estimates, and even safety or energy usage, all before the project starts.

BIM also improves the quality of a project’s design, encourages early coordination and decision making, and ensures a project is efficient and sustainable over time. All of this adds up to cost and time savings for Aristeo’s clients.