Integrated Project Delivery

This Integrated Project Delivery project allowed Aristeo to complete it with a reduced potential for project waste due to early stakeholder coordination.

Proactive, Detailed Planning for Complex Projects

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a collaborative process ideal for complex projects that provides clients with greater value and eliminates project waste. In this process, Aristeo will bring together the entire project team during the early planning stages of the project, including the owner, architect, engineer, consultants, and select subcontractors.

By bringing all stakeholders together in the beginning of the project, Aristeo will find ways to “front load” project resources and provide greater impact on project savings. In addition, Aristeo will encourage teamwork among stakeholders to find effective solutions to project challenges before construction begins. The team’s combined resources and project knowledge provides increased value for the client and reduced waste in all phases of the project.

Benefits of Integrated Project Delivery:

  • Proactive Planning Between All Stakeholders
  • More Opportunities to Decrease Project Cost
  • Reduced Potential for Project Waste
  • Combined Resources Provide Increased Value
  • In-House Concrete, Steel, & Earthwork Expertise