Ford Kentucky Truck Assembly

Paint Booth Steel

Ford Kentucky Truck Assembly - Steel Fabrication & Erection - Aristeo Construction  - IMG_2715(1)

Adding to its impressive list of automotive paint shop structural steel projects, our steel department completed phosphate/e-coat and ITM paint booth support steel projects at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, KY. These projects were comprised of structural and miscellaneous steel members including columns, beams, plate modules, robot support steel, grating, stairs and handrail which totaled over 800 tons. Due to project site access constraints, the ITM project team separated steel fabrication and erection into 44 sequences as this challenging project was completed between existing paint systems.

On the phosphate/e-coat project, our client, Durr Systems, sourced the grillage steel to a low cost country supplier and steel erection was completed by Aristeo. Not having the steel fabrication under our control presented the project team with work sequencing issues and a unique set of scope of work challenges. Working collectively with Durr, the team was able to resolve the outstanding issues, and steel erection was completed on time to permit the installation of paint process equipment.

Location: Allen Park, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $200,000,000

Vehicle Performance & Electrification Center

Location: Spring Hill, Tennessee
Owner: General Motors Corporation
Project Value: $9,500,000

IMN Building Expansion (Design Build)

Location: Canton, Mississippi
Owner: Nissan North America
Project Value: $2,000,000

Paint Shop Mezzanines

Location: Georgetown, Kentucky 
Owner: Toyota Motor 
Project Value: $65,000,000

Reborn Paint Package

Location: Lincoln, Alabama 
Owner: Honda Motor Company  
Project Value: $2,100,000

Line 2 Modifications

Location: Marysville, Ohio
Owner: Honda Motor Company
Project Value: $11,000,000

Line One Innovation

Location: Pontiac, MI
Owner: General Motors Corporation
Project Value: $3,033,000

Pontiac Fuel Cell Lab Expansion

Location: Pontiac, MI
Owner: General Motors Corporation
Project Value: $2,100,000

Pontiac Stamping Tryout Press Pit

Location: Bedford, IN
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $6,000,000

Die Cast Machine Steel

Location: Dearborn, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $8,000,000

Operating Floor Steel

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Owner: Detroit Entertainment LLC
Project Value: $11,000,000

Facade Replacement

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Owner: Detroit Building Authority
Project Value: $3,500,000

Headquarters Building Restoration

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Owner: EWI Worldwide
Project Value: $1,000,000

NAIAS Exhibit, Steel Framing