General Motors Wentzville Assembly

Body Shop Tooling Install

General Motors Wentzville Assembly - Equipment Installation - Aristeo Construction  - GM_Wentzville_Assembly

In support of General Motors new mid size pick up, Aristeo managed the installation of numerous systems within GM’s new 500,000 SF Wentzville Assembly body shop. Our team installed over 400 robots and associated controllers, interior structural steel/stairs/platforms/walkways/handrails, compressed air, and weld water systems, 480 volt power distribution, weld feeders and weld support system, power drops, marquees, material storage crib, and safety fencing.

With an aggressive customer schedule, Aristeo completed installation of equipment for the entire body shop in approximately three months.

Location: Allen Park, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $200,000,000

Vehicle Performance & Electrification Center

Location: Lincoln, Alabama 
Owner: Honda Motor Company  
Project Value: $2,100,000

Line 2 Modifications

Location: Marysville, Ohio
Owner: Honda Motor Company
Project Value: $11,000,000

Line One Innovation

Location: Kokomo, Indiana
Owner: FCA US LLC.
Project Value: $8,500,000

Eight Speed Rotating Equipment Installation

Location: Trenton, MI
Project Value: $5,500,000

GMET 4 Engine Equipment Installation

Location: Livonia, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $4,000,000

Case Machining Line Installation

Location: Flint, Michigan
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $49,000,000

General Assembly Strategic Supplier

Location: Warren, Michigan
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $3,000,000

GFE Equipment Installation

Location: Three Rivers, Michigan
Owner: American Axle & Manufacturing
Project Value: $4,000,000

RDU & PTU Tool Install

Location: Kokomo, Indiana
Project Value: $2,000,000

Prismatic Generation 2 Equipment Installation
A projects’ success is directly proportional to the quality of the people on its team. I was lucky enough to be working with some of the absolute best. Every employee from the top on down was proactive, demonstrated safety awareness, exceptional job skills, and was willing to do what it takes to get the job done. General Motors Corporation