FCA US Kokomo Transmission

Eight Speed Rotating Equipment Installation

FCA US Kokomo Transmission - Equipment Installation - Aristeo Construction  - 20160712_155154

In support of FCA's next generation, eight and nine speed transmissions, Aristeo Installation's scope of work included installation of the new rotating part manufacturing equipment for the: Sun Gear 1-4 lines, Stator Shaft, Pinion Shaft, RS 1-3 lines, Output Shaft, Sun Shaft, CL 1-3 lines, Annulus 1-4 lines, Heat Treat Nitride, and AG Green lines. 

Aristeo was responsible for overall site coordination, project safety, and management of mechanical and electrical specialty contractors. 

Location: Allen Park, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $200,000,000

Vehicle Performance & Electrification Center

Location: Wentzville, Missouri
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $32,000,000

Body Shop Tooling Install

Location: Lincoln, Alabama 
Owner: Honda Motor Company  
Project Value: $2,100,000

Line 2 Modifications

Location: Marysville, Ohio
Owner: Honda Motor Company
Project Value: $11,000,000

Line One Innovation

Location: Trenton, MI
Project Value: $5,500,000

GMET 4 Engine Equipment Installation

Location: Livonia, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $4,000,000

Case Machining Line Installation

Location: Flint, Michigan
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $49,000,000

General Assembly Strategic Supplier

Location: Warren, Michigan
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $3,000,000

GFE Equipment Installation

Location: Three Rivers, Michigan
Owner: American Axle & Manufacturing
Project Value: $4,000,000

RDU & PTU Tool Install

Location: Kokomo, Indiana
Project Value: $2,000,000

Prismatic Generation 2 Equipment Installation
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