Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky

Reborn Paint Package

Aristeo's Honda Motor Company Line One Innovation Project


  • 475,000 square foot new paint shop at TMMK facility 
  • 2,000 cubic yards of concrete for site work and foundations 
  • 125 tons of resteel for footings, grade beams, walls, piers, and flatwork
  • Extensive demolition of concrete and asphalt pavement, and earthwork
  • Drilled piers, spread footings, formed piers, foundation and retaining walls 
  • Underground fire protection included new fire mains, hydrants, and lead-ins
  • Firewater storage tank and associated storm structures, RCP piping, and steel
  • Demolition of existing site lighting, relocation of light poles and fixtures, associated rework of terminations of underground feeders, and building grounding system
  • Rerouting of existing underground water and natural gas
  • New asphalt and concrete pavements, sidewalks, and stoops around perimeter of new building 
  • New siding, roofing, and overhead doors
  • New restroom and locker room installation 
  • Office area complete with architectural finishes 
  • New power distribution, including nine new unit substations 
  • All required building mechanical systems including installation of 34 new HVAC units and 20 associated condensing units and 20 associated condensing units set via helicopter 
  • All required building electrical systems, including approximately 6,000 linear feet of new 15 kV cable for tie-in to existing utility building and 42,000 linear feet of new 480V cable 
  • All required building fire suppression and life safety systems 
  • Building management systems 

Location: Allen Park, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $200,000,000

Vehicle Performance & Electrification Center

Location: Georgetown, Kentucky
Owner: Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky
Project Value: $30,000,000

TMMK Body Weld Additions

Location: Spring Hill, Tennessee
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $17,000,000

Rail Cross Dock Building

Location: Spring Hill, Tennessee
Owner: General Motors Corporation
Project Value: $9,500,000

IMN Building Expansion (Design Build)

Location: Spring Hill, Tennessee
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $5,000,000

AAX3 Press Pit

Location: Lincoln, Alabama 
Owner: Honda Motor Company  
Project Value: $2,100,000

Line 2 Modifications

Location: Warren, Michigan 
Owner: General Motors 
Project Value: $18,000,000

Vehicle Engineering Center East Renovation

Location: Pontiac, MI
Owner: General Motors Corporation
Project Value: $2,100,000

Pontiac Stamping Tryout Press Pit

Location: China, MI
Owner: DTE Energy
Project Value: $1,500,000


Belle River Compressor Unit

Location: Livonia, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $14,000,000

Concrete Slab Project

Location: Rochester, Michigan
Owner: Oakland University
Project Value: $4,400,000

High Temp Hot Water Tunnels

Location: Romulus, Michigan
Owner: Wayne County Airport Authority
Project Value: $15,000,000

North Terminal Redevelopment

Location: Monroe, Michigan
Owner: Gerdau Special Steel North America
Project Value: $10,000,000

Waste Treatment & Rolling Mill Expansion Foundations

Location: Wayne, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $15,000,000

Lines 5 & 6 Press Pits

Location: Warren, Michigan
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $14,000,000

Aerodynamics Lab & Reduced Scale Wind Tunnel

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Owner: Marathon Detroit Refinery, Fluor Constructors International
Project Value: $17,000,000

Greenfield Concrete