Waste Treatment & Rolling Mill Expansions Foundations

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Aristeo was awarded the Water Treatment Facility Foundation and Miscellaneous Steel Installation bid package, as well as the Rolling Mill Expansion Building Foundations. Both projects support Gerdau’s efforts to increase capacity, improve quality and upgrade its Monroe, Michigan steel mill.

Combined quantities for Aristeo’s first two contracts on site include more than 350 caissons, over 600 tons of reinforcing steel, and nearly 6,000 CY of concrete.

Aristeo completed renovations throughout the mill, along with the installation of a new vacuum degasser. 

Upgrades in the melt shop’s process technology allows the plant to meet the increasing demands of the special bar steel market. Major improvements to the existing rolling mill facilities were made, including the installation of a six stand roughing/rolling mill and a new walking beam reheat furnace.

Location: Allen Park, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $200,000,000

Vehicle Performance & Electrification Center

Location: Georgetown, Kentucky
Owner: Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky
Project Value: $30,000,000

TMMK Body Weld Additions

Location: Spring Hill, Tennessee
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $17,000,000

Rail Cross Dock Building

Location: Spring Hill, Tennessee
Owner: General Motors Corporation
Project Value: $9,500,000

IMN Building Expansion (Design Build)

Location: Spring Hill, Tennessee
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $5,000,000

AAX3 Press Pit

Location: Georgetown, Kentucky 
Owner: Toyota Motor 
Project Value: $65,000,000

Reborn Paint Package

Location: Lincoln, Alabama 
Owner: Honda Motor Company  
Project Value: $2,100,000

Line 2 Modifications

Location: Warren, Michigan 
Owner: General Motors 
Project Value: $18,000,000

Vehicle Engineering Center East Renovation

Location: Pontiac, MI
Owner: General Motors Corporation
Project Value: $2,100,000

Pontiac Stamping Tryout Press Pit

Location: China, MI
Owner: DTE Energy
Project Value: $1,500,000


Belle River Compressor Unit

Location: Livonia, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $14,000,000

Concrete Slab Project

Location: Rochester, Michigan
Owner: Oakland University
Project Value: $4,400,000

High Temp Hot Water Tunnels

Location: Romulus, Michigan
Owner: Wayne County Airport Authority
Project Value: $15,000,000

North Terminal Redevelopment

Location: Wayne, Michigan
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Project Value: $15,000,000

Lines 5 & 6 Press Pits

Location: Warren, Michigan
Owner: General Motors
Project Value: $14,000,000

Aerodynamics Lab & Reduced Scale Wind Tunnel

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Owner: Marathon Detroit Refinery, Fluor Constructors International
Project Value: $17,000,000

Greenfield Concrete