ThyssenKrupp Stainless Alabama

Courtyard Pipe and Rack & Skin Pass Mill Pit

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The Courtyard Pipe Rack project consisted of installing 1,400 LF of pipe trestle in the courtyard of the new Greenfield Steel production facility in Calvert, Alabama near Mobile and Washington counties. Our scope included both concrete foundations and fabrication and erection of structural steel.

The Skin Pass Mill project included placement of a 3 FT pit base, mass concrete foundations, double sided walls, 20 FT dead pour walls, supported slab, and installation of slab on deck inside a 20 FT deep pit.

Many concrete placements in the foundation were done monolothically. The large motor masses, were placed in three placements to allow for a monolithic placement of the supported slabs. The intricacy of the numerous embeds and various elevations in the mill motor foundations proved challenging. Aristeo met the challenge by implementing the use of a Total Station both prior to the placement as well as during placement to verify that all embedded items remained as installed.

Aristeo has worked with Marathon since 2005 and has never had a recordable safety incident on any of our projects. Their dedication to safety and doing work right has made Aristeo a preferred contractor. We are impressed by the service Aristeo provides and will continue to recommend their team on upcoming projects. Marathon Petroleum Company LLC