Detroit Metropolitan Airport

North Terminal Redevelopment

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Aristeo joined the construction team to demolish the Davey Terminal and adjacent hotel and build foundations for the new terminal. Working in such a high security location required intense communication and coordination efforts. Demolition and excavation was performed around sensitive FAA communication lines, which had to be avoided to maintain airport operations at all times.

Project highlights include:

  • 180,000 CY of earthwork
  • 35,000 CY of concrete & 2,400 anchor bolts
  • Underground concrete tunnels & retaining walls
  • 350,000 SF of concrete formwork
  • 2,000 tons of resteel
A projects’ success is directly proportional to the quality of the people on its team. I was lucky enough to be working with some of the absolute best. Every employee from the top on down was proactive, demonstrated safety awareness, exceptional job skills, and was willing to do what it takes to get the job done. General Motors Corporation