Top 4 Takeaways from Aristeo’s Advanced Rigging Fundamentals Course

Top 4 Takeaways from Aristeo’s AGC Advanced Rigging Fundamentals Course  - 1IMG_0338_for_blogDo you know the most important steps to take before rigging up a load on the job site? After an AGC of Michigan & MIOSHA sponsored Advanced Rigging Course hosted at Aristeo’s office, approximately 20 construction managers, supervisors, and engineers are better equipped with these safety tips and more.

On December 5th and 6th, Aristeo partnered with the AGC of Michigan to offer an Advanced Rigging Fundamentals Course in our Livonia office. The course was a fast-paced environment and covered rigging gear, rigging concepts, and introduced intermediate to advanced rigging skills and applications.

Over the course of the two days, attendees reviewed the basic sling types and other rigging hardware, discussed how to calculate sling tension, how to maintain control of a load, and how to create a lift plan, among other things. Four of the top takeaways from this course include:

  1. ALWAYS inspect your rigging gear (slings and hardware) before use. Cut slings and use of defective equipment are two of the top four causes of rigging accidents.
  2. KNOW the weight of the load and/or sling tensions before attempting rig up your load – and use this information to ensure your load is completely in control.
  3. NEVER use the equipment beyond its rated capacity. Overloading equipment is another one of the one of the top four causes of rigging accidents.
  4. CREATE a lift plan before rigging your load to avoid potential hazards due to changing equipment.

Top 4 Takeaways from Aristeo’s AGC Advanced Rigging Fundamentals Course  - Photo_Dec_06%2C_2_44_29_PM_blog

Completion of this course meets the training requirements set forth in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and American National Standards Institute B30.9 and fulfils the minimum requirements for the OSHA Qualified Rigger listed in 29 CFR 1926. We strongly recommend that anyone interested in learning more about rigging attend a course covering these topics. Aristeo employees can keep an eye out for future events, or anyone can attend AGC events, listed on their website.

Thank you to AGC of Michigan, MIOSHA, and Acra Enterprises for running and sponsoring this event!  

Aristeo has worked with Marathon since 2005 and has never had a recordable safety incident on any of our projects. Their dedication to safety and doing work right has made Aristeo a preferred contractor. We are impressed by the service Aristeo provides and will continue to recommend their team on upcoming projects. Marathon Petroleum Company LLC