Safety First: Signaling, Rigging, & Aerial Lift Training

Aristeo's proactive, people-first safety program includes regular courses on signalling, rigging, and lift safety. Activities such as lifting and moving equipment and materials are rife with potential hazards, which is why Aristeo ensures that all of our employees are properly trained and certified to identify and avoid them. As part of our proactive, ongoing safety program, Aristeo offered three safety training classes to employees last week, covering important tips on hand signaling, advanced rigging, and aerial lifts.

Crane Signaling Safety

The first class, certifying our employees in Crane Signaling, reviewed the proper hand signals to send and receive when operating any heavy machinery on the job. Proper signaling is a key step in preventing accidents and ensuring safe use of cranes and other heavy machinery on the job site.

Advanced Rigging

The Advanced Rigging class went over the correct ways to identify and rig a load safely and securely. One of the most common causes of rigging accidents includes incorrectly calculating the maximum allowed weight for a particular rigging setup – particularly for setups that include angled slings. The lower the angle of the sling, the more stress induced and the less weight your setup can hold.

Boom Lift safety is an important part of Aristeo's proactive safety program.

Aerial Lift Certification

The Aerial Lift class covered proper operation of each make and model of boom lifts and scissor lifts, in addition to how to identify crushing and road hazards to avoid accident and injury. Boom Lifts are incredibly helpful on the job, but employees need to be aware of all the hazards the surrounding environment might present. During the class, employees went through the process of inspecting a Boom Lift before each use.

Classes such as these are a key part of Aristeo’s people-first safety program. In order to make sure that “Everyone Goes Home”, we ensure our employees are properly certified and trained for each task they need to accomplish. Thanks to Josh Swisher, a Safety Advisor from the Safety Management Group, for leading and teaching these three classes!

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