Aristeo CFO, William Litz, Announced as Chairman for AGC of Michigan

Bill Litz, current Chairman, and Darryl Massa, the previous Chairman of the Board for the AGC of Michigan. Aristeo’s own Chief Financial Officer, William Litz, was named Chairman of the Board for the AGC of Michigan for 2018 at their annual meeting on Friday, February 16th.  With this honor, Bill, who has been a board member of the AGC since 2012, will continue to uphold AGC’s standards of excellence and will work to move the association and the industry forward.

The AGC of Michigan has an important impact on our construction industry, and Bill has dedicated multiple years and much effort to helping the association. In his address to the annual meeting, Bill described the high quality of Michigan’s construction industry, crediting the AGC for their hard work with labor relations:

“We truly have a first-class construction industry here in Michigan,” Bill explained. “In my experience across the U.S. with Aristeo, Michigan has some of the most talented people in its workforce. And I credit a lot of that success to AGC's involvement and relationship with the people on the ground. I look forward to working to further advance our association and our industry.”

Also at the meeting, AGC of Michigan team members announced winners of the Michigan Outstanding Safety Performance Awards. The awards are given either a gold, silver, or bronze level of achievement, based on injury and illness rates. Both Aristeo and its affiliate company, Stenco Construction, earned awards for 2017 work hours:

Michigan Outstanding Safety Performance Awards (for General & Specialty Contractors):

  • Silver Award for Aristeo Construction (Division V – Over 500,000 work hours)
  • Gold Award for Aristeo’s Installation Team (Division IV - Between 300,001 – 500,000 work hours)
  • Gold Award for Stenco Construction (Division I – Under 50,000 work hours)

Aristeo and Stenco Construction both Michigan Outstanding Safety Performance Awards for 2017 work hours.

Congratulations to Bill on his new position as Chairman of the Board for the AGC of Michigan, and to all of the teams that helped earned the Outstanding Safety Performance Awards!

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