Ford – Construction Commodity Management

Project Description

We are proud to serve as the CCM Manager and Alliance Partner at several automotive plants in the Midwest for Ford Motor Company. This is a unique approach that varies from the traditional contractual relationship. Ford’s overall goal in choosing the CCM approach is to contract with the firm best capable of providing high quality, low cost, effective construction services in a safe and timely manner. While operating within Aristeo’s core beliefs of quality and safety, we are proud to serve Ford with the best construction related services at the following CCM sites:

CCM Manager Locations

  • Chicago Assembly Plant & Parts Depot
  • Michigan Truck Plant
  • Livonia Transmission Plant
  • Pilot Plant
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Wayne Assembly Plant
  • Wayne Integral Stamping Plant
  • Ford Land Interiors Program

CCM Alliance Partner Location

  • Chicago Stamping Plant
  • Research & Engineering Center
  • Rouge Complex

Under the CCM approach, Aristeo is responsible for coordinating all maintenance and construction projects at the plant level and throughout the site. This includes estimating, scheduling all manpower, monitoring job progress so as to minimize overtime work, maximizing the usage of rented equipment, and providing steel fabricating services as required. Following are the trades/commodities we typically self-perform: general contracting, interior work, mobile building, demolition, excavation, site utilities, steel fabrication, concrete including structural/paving/flat work, carpentry, and miscellaneous work.